Anointed University Worldwide

Anointed University (ANUSITY) Worldwide Online Intensive Seminar

Exciting, Interactive Seminar by Professor Olawale Awe. Certificates awarded. Advance tickets are strongly recommended.

4 days Intensive Seminar on the Rudiments of Data Science

 Taught by International Experts

 Learn Practical Data Science Skills

 Become Relevant in the 21st Century

 Boost your Employability

Facilitator: Professor Olawale Awe – ANUSITY Academic Director

All participants will receive: Certificate of attendance

Registration Fee: $25

Anointed University (ANUSITY) Worldwide Online Intensive Seminar

* are compulsory

About Anointed University (ANUSITY) Worldwide

This university was established in 1998 by Professor George Aladeoba, the visionary, motivator and President of ANUSITY Worldwide.

The vision of the university is to be a centre of excellence for the production of graduates who are worthy in learning and character as well as sound in mind, body and spirit for outstanding leadership and global impact.

ANUSITY provides education that promotes growth of the whole person in the intellectual, spiritual, social, emotional, and physical dimensions through Ministerial, Theological, and Biblical understanding.

Areas Covered:

*Finance and Ministry

*Episcopalian studies

*Personality Plus and Case Studies

*Theology, Ethics, and Culture

*Contemporary Theology

*Biblical Ethical Theories versus Religious Ethical Systems

*Understanding Pastoral Care and Counselling

*History of Evangelicalism


Executive Diploma in Applied Ministry

Bachelor’s Degree

Master’s Degree

Doctorate Degree

Honorary Doctorate Degree Award

For more information please visit:

+55 719 269 8995, +27 73 596 0500, +27 11 404 5108, +44 737 635 9002