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Tuition Fees Policy

The tuition fees policy of ANOINTED UNIVERSITY outlines the principles and guidelines that govern the determination, payment, and refund of tuition fees for students enrolled in the university.

This policy ensures transparency, fairness, and financial sustainability for both the institution and its

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Fees Structure Policy

The fees' structure Policy of Anointed University provide an overview of the tuition and other fees charged by the university for various academic programs and services.

These Policy serve as a reference for students, and stakeholders to understand the cost structure associated with pursuing
education at the Anointed University Worldwide.

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Recognition Of Prior Learning (Rpl) Policy

The Anointed University recognizes the value of prior learning and aims to provide opportunities for students to have their existing knowledge, skills, and experience recognized and assessed for
credit towards a qualification. 

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Online Courses Policy

The Anointed University Online Courses Policy outlines the guidelines and procedures for students participating in online courses offered by the university. With the advancement of technology, online courses have become an increasingly popular option for students seeking flexibility and convenience in their educational pursuits.

This policy aims to ensure a smooth and effective online learning experience for students while maintaining academic integrity and promoting student success.

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Honorary Doctorate Degree Policy

The Anointed University Honorary Doctorate Degree Policy outlines the criteria, procedures, and guidelines for awarding honorary doctorate degrees to individuals who have made significant contributions to their respective fields or society as a whole.

This policy ensures that the university maintains a high standard of recognition for exceptional achievements and upholds its reputation as an institution of academic excellence.