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Bachelor of Christ-Centered Teacher Training

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The Bachelor of Christ-Centered Teacher Training program at Anointed University is designed to equip

students with the knowledge, skills, and values necessary to become effective educators in a Christ-
entered learning environment. This program focuses on integrating biblical principles with

educational theories and practices to prepare students for teaching roles in Christian schools, Sunday
schools, and other faith-based educational settings. The curriculum combines theoretical knowledge,
practical training, and spiritual development to prepare students to be transformative and
compassionate educators.
Course Duration:3- 4 years (8 semesters)
Course Content:

Semester 1:
1. Introduction to Christ-Centered Education
2. Foundations of Teaching and Learning
3. Child Development and Psychology
4. Biblical Foundations for Teaching
5. Classroom Management and Discipline
6. Introduction to Educational Technology
Semester 2:
1. Curriculum Design and Development
2. Instructional Strategies and Methods
3. Assessment and Evaluation in Education
4. Teaching English Language Arts
5. Teaching Mathematics
6. Introduction to Special Education
Semester 3:
1. Teaching Science
2. Teaching Social Studies
3. Teaching Physical Education and Health
4. Teaching Fine Arts
5. Educational Psychology
6. Elective: Teaching English as a Second Language (ESL)
Semester 4:
1. Teaching Christian Worldview
2. Teaching Bible and Theology
3. Teaching Character Education
4. Educational Technology Integration
5. Introduction to Inclusive Education
6. Elective: Teaching Music in Christian Education
Semester 5:
1. Teaching in Multicultural and Diverse Settings
2. Differentiated Instruction
3. Classroom Assessment and Data Analysis
4. Teaching Christian Ethics and Values
5. Elective: Teaching Science in Christian Education
6. Elective: Teaching Mathematics in Christian Education
Semester 6:
1. Teaching Reading and Literacy
2. Teaching Writing and Composition
3. Educational Leadership and Advocacy
4. Teaching Christian History and Heritage
5. Elective: Teaching Social Studies in Christian Education
6. Elective: Teaching Physical Education in Christian Education
Semester 7:
1. Teaching Christian Apologetics

2. Educational Research Methods
3. Educational Policy and Law
4. Teaching Christian Missions and Outreach
5. Teaching Christian Leadership and Service
6. Elective: Teaching Fine Arts in Christian Education
Semester 8:
1. Capstone Project in Christ-Centered Teacher Training
2. Teaching in Christian School Administration
3. Teaching Christian Discipleship and Mentorship
4. Teaching Christian Worship and Devotion
5. Elective: Teaching Christian Values in Early Childhood Education
6. Elective: Teaching Christian Values in Secondary Education
Note: The elective courses may vary based on the availability and interests of students.
In addition to the academic coursework, students are required to complete a supervised teaching
internship in a Christ-centered educational setting. This practical experience allows students to apply
their knowledge and skills in real-world teaching contexts, under the guidance of experienced
Admission Requirements:
– A high school diploma or equivalent.
– Submission of official transcripts.
– A personal statement outlining the applicant’s interest in criminology and career goals.
– Letters of recommendation from academic or professional references.
– An interview with the admissions committee may be required.

Graduation Requirements:
To successfully complete the Bachelor of Christ-Centered Teacher Training program, students must
fulfil the following requirements:
1. Complete all required courses and earn the required credits.
2. Maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0.
3. Successfully complete the teaching internship and any associated assessments.
4. Fulfill any additional requirements set by Anointed University.
The Bachelor of Christ-Centered Teacher Training program at Anointed University prepares students
to be effective educators in a Christ-centered learning environment. Graduates of this program are
equipped to teach with excellence, integrating biblical principles into their instructional practices and
nurturing the spiritual, intellectual, and social development of their students. Through a combination
of theoretical knowledge, practical training, and spiritual development, students develop the skills
necessary to create transformative and compassionate learning experiences that empower students
to grow academically, spiritually, and emotionally.

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