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Foundations of Basic Leadership and Christian Education

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Course Description:

The Foundations of Basic Leadership and Christian Education course at Anointed University is designed to provide students with the foundational principles and skills necessary for effective leadership within a Christian educational context. The course will explore key concepts of leadership, teaching, and mentorship that align with biblical principles and values, preparing students to serve as leaders and educators in various ministry and educational settings.


Course Objectives:

  1. To comprehend the biblical foundations of leadership and education within a Christian framework.
  2. To develop essential leadership skills and qualities within the context of Christian education.
  3. To examine practical approaches to teaching, mentoring, and guiding others based on Christian principles.
  4. To apply leadership and educational principles to diverse ministry settings and educational contexts.
  5. To cultivate a servant-leadership mindset aligned with the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Course Duration: 10 weeks

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Course Content

. This week, we will explore the foundational concepts of Christian leadership and education, understanding their significance and roles within the context of ministry and academic settings.

  • Understanding Christian Leadership
  • Exploring Christian Education
  • Bridging Leadership and Education
  • Application in Ministry and Academic Environments
  • Conclusion:
  • Assignments

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