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Master of Political Science program

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The Master of Political Science program at Anointed University is designed to provide students with
advanced knowledge and skills in political theory, comparative politics, international relations, and
public policy. The program aims to develop critical thinking, research, and analytical skills necessary
for understanding and analysing political systems and processes. The curriculum integrates
theoretical foundations, practical applications, and ethical considerations to prepare graduates for
careers in government, non-profit organisations, research, and academia. This course outline
provides a comprehensive overview of the curriculum for the Master of Political Science program.

Course Objectives:
1. To develop a deep understanding of political theories, concepts, and ideologies.
2. To acquire advanced knowledge and skills in comparative politics and international relations.
3. To cultivate research and analytical skills for political analysis and policy evaluation.
4. To apply ethical considerations and social responsibility in political decision-making.
5. To enhance critical thinking and problem-solving abilities for effective political analysis.
6. To promote personal and professional growth for careers in political science.

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