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This publication highlights the significant educational seminar hosted by Anointed University at the UK Parliament.

The seminar aimed to foster dialogue and collaboration among scholars, policymakers, and educational stakeholders to explore innovative approaches to empower education for a transformative future.

This publication provides an overview of the seminar’s objectives, key themes, notable speakers, and the outcomes that emerged from the event. It also emphasizes the role of Anointed University in shaping the future of education and its commitment to excellence, innovation, and societal impact.

Anointed University, a leading institution dedicated to academic excellence and societal  transformation, had the honour of hosting an educational seminar at the prestigious UK Parliament.

The seminar brought together renowned scholars, policymakers, and educational stakeholders to discuss and explore innovative approaches to empower education for a transformative future. This publication aims to capture the essence of the seminar, highlighting its objectives, key themes, notable speakers, and the outcomes that emerged from this remarkable event.

Key Themes Explored:

The seminar covered a wide range of themes, including:

1. Educational Innovation: Exploring innovative pedagogical approaches, technologies, and
methodologies to enhance learning outcomes and student engagement.
2. Inclusivity and Diversity: Addressing the importance of inclusive education, promoting diversity,
and ensuring equal opportunities for all learners.
3. Leadership and Governance: Examining effective leadership and governance models in educational
institutions to drive excellence and foster a culture of continuous improvement.
4. Research and Collaboration: Highlighting the significance of research-driven education and
fostering collaboration between academia, industry, and policymakers.

Notable Speakers:

The seminar featured distinguished speakers who shared their expertise and insights, including:

1. Prof. George Aladeoba, President of Anointed University, delivering the keynote address on the
university’s commitment to excellence, innovation, and societal impact.
2. Dr. Susan Jomoke Fajana Thomas, Member of Parliament, discussing the role of policymakers in
shaping education policies that cater to the needs of the future.
3. Prof. Kate Aladeoba a renowned scholar, presenting research findings on educational innovation
and its impact on student learning outcomes.
4. Dr. Esther Akinwusi, CEO of a prominent Outreach Dominion Ministry, highlighting the
transformative potential of technology in education.
5. Dr. Vincent Tunde Roberts a prominent Clergy of Church of England, highlighting the importance of
education for a potential transformation of Children.

Key Outcomes:

 1. Actionable Recommendations:

  • Enhancing Educational Innovation: Participants emphasised the need to invest in research and
    development to foster educational innovation. The recommendation included creating funding
    opportunities for innovative projects and establishing collaborative networks to share best practices.
  •  Promoting Inclusivity and Diversity: It was recommended to develop inclusive policies and
    practices that cater to learners from diverse backgrounds. This included providing equal access to
    quality education, promoting cultural sensitivity, and integrating diverse perspectives into the
  • Strengthening Leadership and Governance: Participants highlighted the importance of effective
    leadership and governance in educational institutions. The recommendation included providing
    leadership training for educational leaders and fostering a culture of collaboration and shared
  • Encouraging Research and Collaboration: The participants emphasised the need for increased
    collaboration between academia, industry, and policymakers. The recommendation included
    establishing research centres, promoting interdisciplinary research, and facilitating knowledge
    exchange platforms.

2. Policy Implications:

  • Education Funding: The event highlighted the importance of adequate funding for education.
    Policymakers were urged to prioritise education funding to support innovative initiatives,
    infrastructure development, and scholarships for disadvantaged students.
  • Inclusive Education Policies: The seminar emphasised the need for policymakers to develop
    inclusive education policies that address the diverse needs of learners. This included promoting
    inclusive classrooms, providing support for students with disabilities, and addressing barriers to
    education for marginalised communities.
  •  Technology Integration: Policymakers were encouraged to develop policies that promote the
    integration of technology in education. This included providing resources for digital infrastructure,
    training teachers in digital literacy, and ensuring equitable access to technology for all students

3. Collaborative Initiatives:

  • Public-Private Partnerships: The event fostered discussions on the importance of public-private
    partnerships in education. Participants expressed the need for collaborative initiatives between educational institutions, industry leaders, and policymakers to drive innovation, share resources, and address societal challenges.
  • Research Networks: The seminar highlighted the potential of research networks to facilitate
    collaboration and knowledge sharing. Participants expressed interest in establishing research
    networks to address common research areas, share findings, and collaborate on impactful projects


The educational seminar hosted by Anointed University at the UK Parliament yielded significant outcomes that have the potential to shape the future of education.

The actionable recommendations, policy implications, and collaborative initiatives generated from the event reflect Anointed University’s commitment to driving positive change in education. By leveraging the insights and expertise shared during the seminar, Anointed University and its partners are poised to make a lasting impact on the educational landscape, empowering learners and transforming societies for a better future.

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